Food Safety Training State Requirements

Most states require each mobile retail food operation to a Person-in-Charge (PIC) or a Certified Food Manager (CFM) who has a food manager certification. To obtain certification, the individual must pass an accredited certified food manager exam

Likewise, many states and local jurisdictions (check with your local health authority) require that food handlers take a food safety training course from an ANSI-accredited organization.

For some states or local jurisdictions, food handler re-training and manager re-certification is required more frequently than the normal time. Always check with your local regulatory authority for specific details.

Food Safety State Training Requirements - Table Legend

  • Certification Exam: State requires mandatory Food Manager Certification Exam.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge: A demonstration of food safety knowledge is required by a food manager. A Certification Exam is the best way to demonstrate that knowledge.
  • County Requirements: There are certain counties that have specific requirements.
  • Training Certificate: State requires mandatory Food Handler Training certificate/card.
  • Recommended: Food Handler Training is recommended, but not required. Requirements may vary per business.
State Food Handler Requirements Food Manager Requirements
Alabama County Requirements Certification Exam
Alaska Training Certificate Certification Exam
Arizona County Requirements County Requirements
Arkansas Recommended Demonstrate Knowledge
California Training Certificate Certification Exam
Colorado Recommended Demonstrate Knowledge
Connecticut Recommended Certification Exam
Delaware Recommended Certification Exam
Florida Training Certificate Certification Exam
Georgia Recommended Certification Exam
Hawaii Recommended Demonstrate Knowledge
Idaho Recommended Certification Exam
Illinois Training Certificate Certification Exam
Indiana Recommended Certification Exam
Iowa Recommended Certification Exam
Kansas County Requirements Demonstrate Knowledge
Kentucky County Requirements County Requirements
Louisiana Recommended Certification Exam
Maine Recommended Certification Exam
Maryland Recommended County Requirements
Massachusetts Recommended Certification Exam
Michigan Recommended Certification Exam
Minnesota Recommended Certification Exam
Mississippi Recommended Certification Exam
Missouri County Requirements County Requirements
Montana County Requirements Certification Exam
Nebraska County Requirements County Requirements
Nevada County Requirements County Requirements
New Hampshire Recommended County Requirements
New Jersey County Requirements Certification Exam
New Mexico County Requirements Certification Exam
New York County Requirements County Requirements
North Carolina Recommended Certification Exam
North Dakota Recommended Demonstrate Knowledge
Ohio Recommended Certification Exam
Oklahoma County Requirements County Requirements
Oregon Training Certificate Demonstrate Knowledge
Pennsylvania Recommended Certification Exam - HACCP
Rhode Island Recommended Certification Exam
South Carolina Recommended Certification Exam
South Dakota Recommended Certification Exam
Tennessee Recommended County Requirements
Texas Training Certificate Certification Exam
Utah Training Certificate Certification Exam
Vermont Recommended Demonstrate Knowledge
Virginia County Requirements Certification Exam
Washington Training Certificate Certification Exam
Washington DC Training Certificate Certification Exam
West Virginia County Requirements County Requirements
Wisconsin Recommended Certification Exam
Wyoming Recommended County Requirements


The information in the table is just a guide and believed to be accurate at the time provided. No warranty of accuracy is given. Please check with your local health department or regulatory body within your jurisdiction for the most current information.