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Mobile Food Vendor - Food Safety Training

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Food Vendor Handler Training

Food Handler TrainingThe Food Handler Training certificate program is a 2-hour course covering the basics of food safety principles, regulations and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. This ANSI accredited course is accepted nationally.

  • Course Duration: 2 hrs
  • Take the course anywhere and at your own pace!
  • Download course certificate upon completion!
  • Available en Español
  • Group Discounts Available
  • Food Handler Training Card/Certificate: $7.00

Food Vendor Manager Certification

Food Handler TrainingThe Food Safety Manager Principles Course covers food safety regulations and techniques for a food-safe environment and provides the necessary training for the Certification Exam.

  • Course: 8 hrs | Exam: 1.5 hrs
  • Take the course anywhere and at your own pace!
  • Download course certificate upon completion!
  • Schedule Certification Exam online!
  • Food Safety Manager Principles Course: $85.00
  • Food Manager ANSI Certification Exam: $55.00
  • Special: Food Manager Course & ANSI Exam: $99.00

Revenue from Mobile Food Vendors Trending Up

The mobile food vendor and food truck trend continues to accelerate as entrepreneurs use them to enter the restaurant industry and sometimes spin off brick-and-mortar operations.

  • The phrases “Mobile Food Vendor”, “Food Truck” or “Mobile Food Facility” refers to several different types of vehicles in which food is sold from. Some examples include: lunch trucks, vending trucks, mobile food unit, concession trucks, sandwich trucks, taco trucks, loncheras, catering vehicles, ice cream trucks, hot dog carts, and push carts.
  • According to the National Restaurant Association, mobile food vendors and food trucks made up one of the fastest-growing sectors of the restaurant industry, with 2013 sales of nearly $700 million, or about 1 percent of total U.S. restaurant sales. A 2012 study by Emergent Research projected that food truck revenue would quadruple to $2.7 billion by 2017.

Why is Mobile Food Vendor Safety Training important?

  • Food safety and sanitation are integral to operating a successful food service. The safety of our food supply is a responsibility shared by producers, sellers, managers and handlers.
  • Food safety training does not only affect the sales and continued patronage of your establishment, but also public safety.
  • Businesses are more likely to hire food safety trained handlers and are willing to pay higher wages to those trained.
  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that because of foodborne illness 76 million people fall ill, 325,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 Americans die annually. Because of these alarming statistics, many states require certification of food managers which may include a food safety exam.
  • Don’t forget the rules of safe food handling when you hit the street.  A mobile food establishment is subject to the same rules that restaurants and grocery stores follow.

Mobile Food Vendor - Food Safety Handler Training

  • Similar to restaurants, mobile food vendors must meet additional requirements to address potential hazards specific to mobile establishments.
  • Individuals working in mobile food vehicles who are involved in preparing, storing, or handling food are required to obtain an accepted food handler safety training course. Click here to view Mobile Food Handler State Map

Mobile Food Vendor - Food Manager Course & ANSI Certification

  • Mobile food vendors are generally requireed to employ at least a person-in-charge (PIC) or a certified food manager (CFM) who has a food safety manger certification. This course covers food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment.
  • The ANSI exam is scheduled online and must be proctored at a 3rd party test center location. (Note: To login to the exam, you will need the username and password sent to you after purchase in the exam enrollment notice email.)
  • This manager should train and supervise all employees.  Whether the certified manager is on the vehicle or not, the person serving the food must know the basics of safe food handling.  Click here to view Mobile Food Vendor Certified Manager State Map

ANSI Certification Manager Exam

ANSI Food Manager Exam

Nationally Accredited Certification
Exam Duration: 1.5 Hours
The Learn2Serve ANSI-CFP accredited exam is accepted in all states that have mandatory certification requirements for Food Management Professionals.

The Exam is scheduled online and proctored by a 3rd party test center near you. The certification will be valid for a maximum period of 5 years.
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HACCP Training

Food Safety TrainingGroups

International HACCP Alliance Accedited
First accredited HACCP 16hr course for retail food establishments - accepted nationwide and accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.

School District HACCP Plan 4hr course.

Seafood HACCP 1hr course required by 21 CFR Part 123 – the “Seafood HACCP Regulation".
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